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MOFT Z: The 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand laptop desk

It helps you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in an easy way, keeping you active and productive all day.


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We would like to share some cool things: MOFT Z has been honored with the Red Dot Award Product Design 2020! And the 500K Stretch Goal was unbelievably reached, which means that the MOFT Z Leather Black is officially unlocked!

People invented various sit-stand desks since many years ago. But these desks didn’t change much more so far. They usually come with a bulky size and limited by the workspace environment. And some with cumbersome setup may let you go crazy.

To make people get a flexible posture wherever they are, we realized we’d have to come up with the most convenient sit-stand desk ever.

MOFT Z is a truly lightweight and versatile sit-stand desk at an affordable price. It’s designed to offer THE HEAVEY LAPTOP USER a maximum comfort with maximum freedom on location.

A magazine-sized desk with 4 positions

With the origami-inspired Z structure, MOFT Z provides one mode for standing and three-mode for sitting.  It helps you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in the easiest way, keeping you active and productive all day.

Working From Home with Right Postures

The ultra-versatile yet like a paper-thin desk body makes it friendly to any working environment, not only to be used in the office but also at home or co-workspace.

We designed MOFT Z with a continuous one-piece structure. No tool is needed for setup. Stand it up easily when you need it, and unfold it back quickly when you don’t.

All foldings finished in one structure

Most people usually only want to take a short standing, not a giant stand on the desk all day long. As the same size as a magazine, you can store MOFT Z in any corner you like. Keep it “invisible” on your desk. So you won’t notice it when you don’t need it.

It follows the consistent design philosophy of MOFT: unseen, unfelt, unnoticed.

Can you find it? Guess where am I
Smooth & swift transition between postures

MOFT Z is a fast-blade to open and close. It quickly switches your sit and stand posture and takes the stress off your back in seconds, letting you get a joyful and relaxing posture.

Sitting all day in the office can be stressful to both your body and mind. A quick switch to standing not only helps you stretch a bit for a relaxing back, but also refreshes your mind with a different angle to see your works.

Standing Mode

When you are standing, MOFT Z offers a natural height for your palms to rest onto the laptop, and your eyes to look at the screen with no strain or tension.

Sitting Mode

Surely, you would want to sit back after a short break. Does MOFT Z stopped working by then? Absolutely not. We also prepared three modes to fit your own working style while sitting.

Dedicated flap limiter to stop your laptop from sliding.


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